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I use artix linux (a fork of arch with systemd alternative init systems).

I get the same error for TL2023 in Windows, with additional output:

<empty file>
Please don't say '\def cs{...}', say '\def\cs{...}'. I've inserted an
inaccessible control sequence so that your definition will be completed without
mixing me up too badly.
mtx-context     | fatal error: return code: 1
During the texlive package, I get this error:

return {
 ["lastcontext"]="\n<inserted text> \n \\inaccessible \n<to be read again> \n \"\n\\pgfmath@catcodes ->\\catcode `\\==12 \\catcode `\\,=12 \\catcode `\\|=12 \\catcode `\\&=12 \\let \"\n                                                                           \\pgfmath@char@quote \n\\pgfmathparse ->\\begingroup \\pgfmath@catcodes \n                                   \\pgfmath@quickparsefalse \\ifpgfmathfloat \\let \\pgfmath@parse@next =\\pgfmathfloatparsenumber \\else \\let \\pgfmath@parse@next =\\pgfmathparse@ \\fi \\pgfmath@parse@next \n<argument> \\pgfmathparse \n               {1cm}\\ifpgfmathmathunitsdeclared \\pgf@x \\pgfmathresult mu\\relax \\else \\pgf@x \\pgfmathresult pt\\relax \\fi \n\\pgfmath@next #1#2->#2\n           \n...\nl.926 \\pgfsetxvec{\\pgfpoint{1cm}{0cm}}\n                                     ",
 ["lasttexerror"]="! Missing control sequence inserted",

I simply run context to this file:


{\bf a} \tikz (0,0) -- (1,0);

pgfcorepoints.code.tex hasn't changed from TeXLive 2022.