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Is it possible to put some short notes in the margin, together with a float?
Below is an example, which puts the float on top of the text in the margin.
The option « stack=yes » works fine for the margintext when there is no float, but it does not seems to be an option which puts the figure and margintext in a sort of stack.

Thanks for any advice: Otared K.

% begin margintext-float.tex


numeric u ; u = 5mm ;
draw function (1,"x","1.5*sin(x)",0,710/113,.01) scaled u 
withcolor transparent(1,.5,darkblue) 
withpen pencircle scaled 2pt ;


This is some text.\margintext{This is a remark in the margin.}
This is some more text.\margintext{This text is also in the margin.}

% end margintext-float.tex

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