Reading about macro bundles meant to be generic (format agnostic), some of them work in plain/LaTeX, but crash when loaded on ConTeXt. The following happens with xstring.tex

tex error > tex error on line 372 in file xstring.tex: ! Illegal parameter number in definition of \xs_reserved_C

<to be read again>


\xs_newlines ->\unexpanded {}\xs_def \xs_arg_i {##1


\xs_newmacro_ \xs_myarg }\edef \xs_reserved_C {\unexpanded \expandafter {\xs_newlines

}\edef \noexpand \xs_call }\edef \xs_reserved_D {...

l.372 \xs_newmacro\StrRemoveBraces{}{1}{1}


<empty file>

You meant to type ## instead of #, right? Or maybe a } was forgotten somewhere

earlier, and things are all screwed up? I'm going to assume that you meant ##.

I've tried changing the catcode regime, but with no effect.

Don't misunderstand me. I'm aware of ConTeXt capabilities and string manipulation via Lua. My question is more like: "Why doesn't xstring.tex?"

Sorry if my question is outside the scope of ConTeXt developers/maintainers. Thank you very much.

Jairo :)