I've encountered a MetaPost issue, and since many MetaPost users also use ConTeXt (and vice-versa), I am posting this question on both lists.

The command

> show identity rotated 270 yscaled 0.5;



as expected, while the command

> show identity transformed (0,0,0,1,-0.5,0);

errors with

! Missing `)' has been inserted.
<to be read again>
l.26 ^^Ishow identity transformed (0,0,0,1,

I am using MetaPost 1.504, and the problem seems to be that MetaPost does not like me using the sextuple (0,0,0,1,-0.5,0) directly, but this is the most convenient method for me to describe my transformations.  Is this a bug in MetaPost, or am I not allowed to use transformations directly with sextuples?

Troy Henderson