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Given the Following MWE, I notice that with latest beta (does not seem to happen before) kerns are not applied in paragraph in which there are some hebrew letters. This only affects text after that hebrew letters up to end of paragraph.

I use 2 fonts in sample : EBGaramond and KeterYG (can be found in various places).


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\definefontfeature[base][mode=node, kern=yes, script=latn, trep=yes]


\definefontfeature[hebrew][default][mode=node, lang=heb, script=hebr]


\definefallbackfamily[mainfont][serif][KeterYG][preset=range:hebrew, scale=1.0, features=hebrew]



\setupbodyfont[mainfont, 9pt]








VA c'est {\setupalign[r2l]\Tav\He\Vav} VA c'est % there is no kern between latest V and A


VA c'est. % kern as expected