Am 14.04.2011 um 15:20 schrieb Hagmann Jörg:

I haven't used bibliographies before and have a few basic questions.
I am using mkiv, current version: 2011.04.03 22:32.

1. If I interpret the wiki pages correctly, the bib module is not needed for mkiv. On the other hand, examples I found in the archive have "\usemodule[bib]" included, although (I think) they were meant for mkiv, and leaving it out didn't affect the outcome. Question: has \usemodule[bib] no function in mkiv, never?

The bibliography code was first a separate module which had been loaded with \usemodule[bib] but a while ago Hans added the code to contexts core. It’s no longer necessary to load a extra module for the functionality and when you have \usemodule[bib] in your document the line produce only a line at the console with the text “skipping obsolete module”.

2. Where can I get documentation? Can Taco's bib-module documentation still be used? (In my experiments in some cases, not in others).

The manual is now available at the wiki: