Dear Hans,

(1) wipe the cache
(2) mtxrun —script --reload -force

Do you mean “wipe cache” as  delete “luatex-cache/context/5fe67…f32e/fonts” folder? 

I open the terminal and run “mtxrun —script — reload -force”, then I got

mtxrun          | ConTeXt TDS Runner Tool 1.32
mtxrun          |
mtxrun          | no script name given, known scripts:
mtxrun          |
mtxrun          | babel         1.20  Babel Input To UTF Conversion
mtxrun          | base          1.35  ConTeXt TDS Management Tool (aka luatools)
mtxrun          | bibtex              bibtex helpers
mtxrun          | evohome       1.00  Evohome Fetcher
mtxrun          | fcd           1.00  Fast Directory Change
mtxrun          | flac          0.10  ConTeXt Flac Helpers
mtxrun          | fonts         0.21  ConTeXt Font Database Management
mtxrun          | grep          0.10  Simple Grepper
mtxrun          | watch         1.00  ConTeXt Request Watchdog
mtxrun          | youless       1.10  YouLess Fetcher

Do you mean “mtxrun —script —reload —force fonts”?

Better use type-imp-<yourtag>.mkiv i.e. “-imp-“ in the name for such specific implementation files

I will change the name.

Thank you again.

Best regards,