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Indeed the documents mentioned by Taco are great, but some time ago there was a discussion on the list about an update of those manuals (dating from 1999, according to the colofon) and about how we users can contribute to the job by finding the possible bugs, errors, misprints, etc. But us far as I know we, at least I, didn't do anything…

Now in my opinion the idea of having a book is a good one: for instance many of my students when writing reports and theses ask me about a book on TeX or LaTeX, even though there are many electronic documents about them freely available. Our library has the books by Donald Knuth, Leslie Lamport and Raymond Séroul among others, and if there were a book about ConTeXt I would certainly order at least two for our library and one for myself. For making ConTeXt more popular among mathematicians (or other academic users) I think it is good to have books about it in libraries, since at first students look for books before sticking to one of TeX flavors.

Best regards: OK

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Jan Kraljiè wrote:
> Hello,
> i think it would be great to have some basic documentation published.

http://www.pragma-ade.com/general/manuals/ms-cb-en.pdf (screen )
http://www.pragma-ade.com/general/manuals/mp-cb-en.pdf (paper )

Is not what you had in mind?
Pretty much something like that. (Paper version)

I believe that no one would print this on printer. So I wonder if there would be interest for published book?

Regards, Jan

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