I am typesetting a document using pagecolumns to ensure that my footnotes are set ragged-bottom in columns. I have observed some unexpected behavior whenever the last column on a page is left incomplete: a blank page is added at the end of the document. A minimal working example follows:




\dorecurse{3}{\par\input zapf}




I typeset this using ConTeXt version 2020.03.10, as released with TeXLive 2020. Notably, if \dorecurse{3} is changed to \dorecurse{2} or \dorecurse{6} (so that the text ends in the first column of a page), then there is no problem. I have tried to fix this by specifying page=no in the \startpagecolumns arguments, but it did not change anything. Is there something else I am missing?

Thank you,