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Gerben Wierda schrieb am 30.04.2020 um 22:47:
In normal TeX, when I type
I get something like
But inside a \framed[align=]{} the empty line disappears. How do I get it back?
Minimal example:

Use \blank

Too happy too soon. And I recall I ran into this earlier a while ago in another setting ago. But I thought of a solution.


I am automatically converting input from an XML file to METAPOST/ConTeXt. The input may contain one or more newlines.The text must end up in \framed[align=??, width=??] to be typeset.

I use lua to convert and make it safe to pass to METAPOST as a string argument that METAPOST can pass on to textext(), using the following function:

function doubleQuotableEscapedConTeXtString( str)
  local rep = lpeg.replacer {
   { '\n', '\\blank ' },
   { '{', '{\\textbraceleft}' },
   { '}', '{\\textbraceright}' },
   { '#', '{\\texthash}' },
   { '$', '{\\textdollar}' },
   { '&', '{\\textampersand}' },
   { '%', '{\\textpercent}' },
   { '\\','{\\textbackslash}' },
   { '|', '{\\textbar}' },
   { '_', '{\\textunderscore}' },
   { '~', '{\\textasciitilde}' },
   { '^', '{\\textasciicircum}' },
   { '"', "\"&ditto&\"" },
  return rep:match(str)

Where it now says \\blank, it used to say \\\\.


\\\\ gets me what I want if there is one \n (it turns into one new line), but with two \n in succession it still gets me only a single ’newline'
\\blank gets me what I want if there are multiple newlines, but gets me an extra empty line when I only want ’next line’ and multiple \blanks do not work 

But I found the solution by using \strut\\ instead of \blank. In the above table:

   { ‘\n', ‘\\strut\\\\' },

This fools ConTeXt in thinking there actually is something on that line and so multiple \\ will work.