I am using the ConTeXt-SBL module to handle the citations in my article. Using the plain \cite[na2006] command has worked fine.

But there are some situations where I want the footnote to include page number details. I tried using \cite[extra=2][na2006], but that doesn't seem compatible with ConTeXt-SBL. I checked the documentation, and if I understand correctly, I should use the autocite command to add page numbers to my citation? Like this:


This solution works in 95% of cases, but when I need to cite another book immediately after that, it throws up errors:

This won't compile:
This won't compile:

This also won't compile:


After much trial and error, I found this will compile:


The problem with this last example, is if my citations appear within the paragraph, then I end up with a paragraph break in the wrong place!

Here is my minimum working example, which won't compile unless I add a blank line between the two citations.

\startbuffer [bib]

title={Volcanoes \word{of} New Mexico},
journal={New Mexico Earth Matters},
publisher={New Mexico Bureau \word{of} Geology \word{and} Mineral Resources},
location={Socorro, New Mexico}

author = {Clark, William},
title = {Railroads \word{and} railroad towns \word{in} New Mexico},
publisher = {New Mexico Magazine},
year = {1989},
address = {Albuquerque, New Mexico},
isbn = {9780937206126}








Is the autocite command the wrong tool for what I need? How can I place citations right next to each other, but also include page number information with ConTeXt-SBL?