Thanks for the reply, but it seems to me that this will affect only the spacing and placement of a footnote number in relation to the footnote proper—which is very cool and I will use what you have relayed. My immediate problem, however, is the paragraph indent in footnotes that have more than one paragraph.

Still, I take it that \setupnote and \setupnotedefinition are the commands I need.  Do you know where the documentation is for these commands? Is there a way to turn on indentation? I have checked the various PDF manuals and  they are not mentioned.


On Jun 22, 2005, at 11:40 AM, Steve Grathwohl wrote:

My solution (worked out with Steve Peter and Hans at PracTeX Chapel Hill:
\def\MyNum#1{\hskip2em\relax#1. }%\hskip your indent here
Of course, to have a superscripted number you say
On 6/22/05, Alan Bowen <> wrote:
How does one get ConTeXt to indent and space paragraphs in footnotes
according to the same rules as the body text?

I have checked the manual but do not see how to adapt
\setupfootnotes to do this, and my attempts thus far with
\setupfootnotedefinition have not been unsuccessful either.

Thanks for any help or pointers.


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