Hi, everybody. I expect you to be safe.

I found the following issues.

First. The following gives wrong results for Spanish numbers

%Prints "ciento" instead of "cien"
%Prints "dos millón" instead of "dos millones"

I've read other messages from the list concerning numerals and I found the following in core-con.lua

[100] = "ciento",
[1000000] = "millón",
[1000000000] = "mil millones",
[1000000000000] = "billón",

"cien" (for numbers from 100 to 199) and "millones" (for numbers from 2 000 000 to 999 999 999 999) are missing (no issue with "billón", as Lua doesn't seem to handle too big numbers natively).

Second. I tried to use Unicode tally marks (U1D377 and U1D378):

userdata = userdata or {}
userdata.tallymarks = function(n)
local one  = [[\char"1D377]]
--Also tried "\u{1D377}"
local five = [[\char"1D378]]
--Also tried "\u{1D377}"
return string.rep(five, (tonumber(n)//5))..string.rep(one, (tonumber(n)%5))
\tallyfont \tallymarks{47}

This works on Lua 5.4.0 (rc4) interpreter, but it doen't on ConTeXt LMTX nor LuaTeX and codes are printed instead (1D3781D378...). What is weird considering that


gives the right output with an adequate font. Btw, I know about the Metafun alternative described on the book, but I'd prefer to use Unicode when possible.

Thank you in advance.

Jairo :D