Hello everyone,

I'm using ConTeXt  (ver: 2020.09.20 23:02 LMTX) and have to have conditional page headers based on specific content criteria. To achive this I'd like to get some global variables in TeX, change their values several times throughout the document and have my macro for the header read them and act accordingly (like skip the header at all, change a color, etc).

As a basis for this I established the following pattern in an iolated test case:

\message{setHEADER: '#1'}
\startsetups page:header
HEADER: myvar=\getHeaderVar
page: 1
page: 2
page: 3
page: 4
page: 5

This works as expected and the header-macro prints the updated value. But when I put the same pattern in my big environment-file, I can see the variable being updated with different values (console), but the header always puts out just the variable's initial value - so the variable is read but it's updates aren't picked up by the header macro. Peeking into console, log & tuc didn't raise any idea yet as to what is going wrong...

Any idea what is happening and how I can fix this?

Any hints on how I can track this down?

Thanks a lot,
Werner Hennrich, Vienna AT