Hi all

I have a similar problem compiling luametafun.tex in the doc sources.
It fails with different errorcodes on win64 and linux aarch64. On linux aarch64 i get a bonus "Segmentation fault".
I append the console outputs of the context runs.

If i comment out the input of luametafun-axis and luametafun-followtext i get a readeable pdf.

So perhaps only the code is changing too rapidly.

Greetings Lutz

Am 14. August 2020 13:04:52 MESZ schrieb Hans Hagen <j.hagen@xs4all.nl>:
On 8/14/2020 11:41 AM, Jannik Voges wrote:
Hello Pablo,

thank you for your suggestions, but I don't use LMTX productively, so I
have no problem with a broken LMTX-version. I only use it to check
whether there are breaking changes in LMTX by typesetting all of my
documents with the newest LMTX-version (to see if I need to change them
in the future). And by doing so I recognized this error, which seemed to
happen randomly.
you can try to run with




and see where it crashes

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