Thanks a lot for clarifying this. Well I think it's great to keep CTX open for devs or experimental purposes.

Imho the point is that the download section could use a slight tune up. In fact, to make the installation as easy as possible for new users, the main structure might be divided by operating system. Win, Lin, MacĀ  and Experimental or Developer.

Right now Wiki looks like:


Me as a new user didn't know which one to take at first.
This might be merged.
one single donwload button to the ftp and then Win, Lin, Mac, Developer, Experimental.

I would love to help with contextgarden wiki, but I am student and it took a long time learning CTX so far.
But some day...

Only a few words for usability ;-)

Thanks for this great piece of idea and greetings from germany to the whole CTX team.


Am 25.05.2016 um 10:46 schrieb Mojca Miklavec:
I don't like mswin and would like to switch to win32 to make it
consistent with win64, but I need the blessing from Hans first.

2. Is the " setup2 " folder really necessary?

Long time ago Hans asked me if we could switch to rsync from the MinGW
project rather than the one based on cygwin's dll. (Then we probably
both forgot about this.)

The "setup2" is experimental setup bundling rsync from MinGW, the idea
was to provide testing setup that would replace the old one.

As soon as I get a green light, I could remove "setup", rename
"setup2" to "setup" and only leave the new binaries there. (I can also
remove "setup2" in principle.)