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On 8 Dec 2013, at 19:55, Jan Tosovsky <> wrote:

On 2013-12-06 H. van der Meer wrote:
Some further experimentation: interchanging two chapters makes the
problem go away.

It is reproducible, because putting the chapters back als brings the
problem back. Even stranger, sitting at chapter 5 it kills the
interaction for chapter 6 and 8, leaving the interactivity for the
intervening and later chapters intact.

Addition of content to the start of chapter 5 helped for chapter 6 but
not for chapter 8, which seems strange.
Addition of content to the end of chapter 5 also helped for chapter 6

Addition of content to the start of chapter 7 did help to solve for
chapter 8.

So I fear it has in some way to do with the moment the output routine
called in relation to the reference processing in

This topic was discussed few weeks ago without clear conclusion:

In my case most of cases were resolved when I changed
\placebookmarks[chapter, section] just to \placebookmarks[chapter]
Although few cases still remain, it is much better now.

When the particular item doesn't react via bookmark, it doesn't react also
via ToC.

I plan to prepare an example for this, but for me it is not so urgent issue.


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