Meer, Hans van der
24. Mai 2016 um 16:28

Thanks, I really didn't know that, it could not spot it in my copy of "Fonts in Context".

But although reset works for \switchtobodyfont, it is not working in \usebodyfont[reset,9pt] in the second section.
Why do you think \usebodyfont can be used to change the font size in your document, is this mentioned in a manual?
There it keeps the size derived from the section title. Both commands however, are reported to inherit from \setupbodyfont (where the reset is named). Should that be correct?
IIRC \usebodyfont can be used to preload a typeface at the begin of a document which make switching to it later in the document with \switchtobodyfont or \setupbodyfont faster but this also means settings like the font size have no effect. The reference manual shows "inherits from XXX" in such a case because a) it is true that the command inherits its values from another command b) it’s faster to document (can be changed but one has to check which arguments are valid).