For complex score, I think the best choice is to use the best of the two (fantastic) sw, LilyPond and ConTeXt:

I typically render the score with lily, and prepare a (more or less complex) layout with ConTeXt

I've finished last night this:

and I have to say that I'm very happy of the result (receiving congrats from the players).

Many thanks to all for all the development, support and documentation work

I hope to write something about these experiences soon



On 4 May 2007, at 12:06, Henning Hraban Ramm wrote:

Am 2007-04-25 um 16:00 schrieb Aditya Mahajan:
Is there a way to typeset (simple) musical scores with ConTeXt/á
XeTeX? I found Lilypond, but whether it is supported now is obscure.
There is a lilypond module for ConTeXt. It passes on the music
typesetting to Lilypond and imports the pdf back into ConTeXt. I do
not know if it works with XeTeX.

I just checked - the LilyPond module still works with latest ConTeXt á
and at least with LilyPond 2.10. Didn't try XeTeX, though.
(I should make my christmas songbook ready for the printer finally...)

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