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I used "see \cite[data]" in a document and I obtained "seeAuthor" without space between "see" and "Author". I think it is a bug.

I also had troubles with abbreviations (although it might be a bad use from myself):
setting "\abbreviation{AB}{Abbreviation}"

"an \AB some text" will give "an ABsome text" => missing space after abbreviation
"an {\AB} some text" will give "an AB some text" => OK
"an \infull{AB} some text" will give "an  some text" => missing expanded abbreviation

Spaces after commands (e.g. \TeX) are ignored, to keep the space you have to add “\ ” or “{} ” after the command.


text \AB\ text \AB{} \infull{AB} text

There is also a automatic way for this where you don’t have add any thing after the command but there are a few exceptions where this doesn’t work.



text \AB text