On 10/28/2021 02:56, Hans Hagen wrote:
On 10/28/2021 4:58 AM, Rik Kabel via ntg-context wrote:
Following up on my own note, I see that this fails under LMTX if compiled in a clean directory, but succeeds if first compiled with the troublesome line removed, and then, restoring the line, compiled a second time. It also works by placing a .tuc file from an older version of the document into the directory before compiling. Very strange indeed. The expected output, from one of those successful compilations:

So. I am clearly doing something wrong, but sometimes LMTX is letting me get away with it.


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Hello list,

The following fails with ConTeXt  ver: 2021.10.24 21:45 MKIV but works with the companion LMTX. The error message is:tex error       > tex error on line 6 in file G:/TestConTeXt/convert.tex: ! Incompatible glue units , pointing to the second \convertnumber line.

     \ref[number][xx] ·
     \convertnumber{r}{1} ·

In this case I am trying to display with roman numerals the number generated in the label created through \definelabel.

Suggestions welcomed.
the conmversion is (partly) done in lua so at some point the


gets scanned which is more robust in lmtx than in mkiv

normally one does the conversion differently:


    1: \XX[xx]\par 2: \YY[xx]


(Resending because attachment was too large.)

That generates a new labeled item albeit with a roman numeral label. I am trying to get the value of a previously generated numeric label converted roman numerals. So, consider that I have a numeric label identifying a paragraph of text. I want to reference that label in another place but need to do it in Latin.

I want to convert the original label number to a roman numeral for use in that one place, not generate a new label displayed as a roman numeral. So,

    1: \Naa\par
    2: \Nnn{bb}\par
% these fail without an existing tuc file:
    I: {\la Vide paragraphum \Raa.}\par
    II: {\la Vide paragraphum \Rnn{bb}.}

should produce:

Paragraph ¶ 1
Paragraph ¶ 2
Paragraph ¶ 3
1: 1
2: 2
I: Vide paragraphum I.
II: Vide paragraphum II.

but this fails without an existing good tuc file. If I comment out the two latin lines, compile (to failure), and then uncomment the lines and try again, it compiles without error. Does this mean that \ref[number][label] does not really return a number as \convertnumber expects?

This is the case with today's upload as well (ConTeXt  ver: 2021.10.28 10:19 LMTX).