Perfect, thank you very much Max!

On Sat, May 28, 2022 at 10:40 AM Max Chernoff <> wrote:
On 2022-05-28 2:27 a.m., Stefan Nedeljkovic wrote:
> One slight problem is when I use 2\measured{xheight} as the font size I
> get an error. \measure works fine though.

The old version expected direct input, not a \dimen. Try this:

     \starttexdefinition setxheight [#1][#2]
         \switchtobodyfont[#1, 12pt]
         \switchtobodyfont[#1, \cldcontext{tex.dimen.scratchdimen / tex.sp"1ex" * tex.sp"1em" .. "sp"}]


         \setxheight[adventor][10\measured{xheight}] Hello!

-- Max