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Denis Maier via ntg-context <> hat am 24.12.2021 18:42 geschrieben:

Can't you just define a default structurelevel scheme and a default combined list for the six. If a user redefines the structure level scheme, they will just redefine the combined list as well. Would that work?

Jason Ross via ntg-context <> hat am 24.12.2021 17:45 geschrieben:

Dear list,

Is it possible to set the maximum table of contents depth to a number
rather than providing an explicit list of section names?


I am developing an exporter for Org mode. In Org, users can specify the
number of levels they want in the table of contents with a number. I
currently do this by having the sectioning commands be known to the
exporter so I can generate a command like
for n=2.

I'm considering using \start/stopsectionlevel for sectioning commands
instead. That way, users could add \definesectionlevels to the document
preamble to use whatever sectioning scheme they wanted. However, this
would mean that the exporter wouldn't know what sectioning commands to
use the TOC setup.


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