I was happy with old install, with bugs and xetex low level commands :-)

So, er, which strategy you gurus suggest?

Reinstall from scratch (old) TeXLive 2007 waiting for a new release?

I have that project of typesetting our journal which will start in a month.
(I'd like to use system fonts, also to approximate the original typesetting)




On 15 Sep 2007, at 21:41, Hans Hagen wrote:

Mojca Miklavec wrote:
(I'm sorry for the delayed answer.)

On 9/15/07, Hans Hagen wrote:
Andrea Valle wrote:
** WARNING ** Invalid CMap
** ERROR ** pdf_ref_obj(): passed invalid object.
i wonder what that object is .. and who generates the ref, could be a
special but you do nothing special in the example so i'm puzzled ... do
others have this problem?

Yes. I don't remember whether I already complained about it or not,
but here's another (minimal) example to reproduce it:


The main problem (besides being quite slow for the default LM) is that
"font loading" in ConTeXt+XeTeX now does the following:

if ("FontName" is a valid font) then
áá á use "FontName"
á á use "[FontName]"

And that one forgets the third possibility: about the old tfm fonts
which should be loaded without any quotes, for example rm-lmr12

\font\a="rm-lmr12" works, but \font\a="rm-lmr12" at 12pt doesn't, and
ConTeXt tries to use that one. Normally TeX would stop: generate and
report the error at that point, but ConTeXt currently skips those
errors on purpose and tries to use an unexisting font, so it results
in a broken PDF.

i will send you a patch (yet another test for a spec -)


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