I am typesetting a series of items with boxedcolumns enclose in a framedtext:

Occasionally it happens that material at the end of the first column is not typeset.

It occurs haphazardly in a large (more than 300) series of items. Depending on the length of the first columns material (I introduced extra space with \crlf, \blank, \blank[dimension]) other items exhibit the effect.

Because of this haphazard character, the large data set and the fact that I could not isolate it in a few items, I regrettably do not have a minimal example. Thus I can only signal it here, in case others encounter it too. Or in case the person maintaining this code happens to spot the problem from the observation alone.

Hans van der Meer

ConTeXt  ver: 2013.12.26 12:50 MKIV beta  fmt: 2013.12.29  int: english/english

Hans van der Meer