Hi Hans, Bill,

Yes, I'm personally aware of how PDF works.

This came from Pablo, who has since told me he was *not* referring to PDF files, but EPUB books.  So he is referring to the native font renderer.

That's all I know about it, except that kerning works on my own reader.

Anyway, this really isn't a question for this forum.

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5) There was also a report that OpenType kerning doesn't work in some
E-Book readers (I know this isn't the forum for that, but ...) .  My
iriver Story kerns very nicely text in FreeSerif.  Can I get an example
of an E-reader for which kerning fails?  (I really don't doubt that they

Natively I suppose? If a pdf file is viewed on an ebook reader it's not the ereader's issue.


PDF preserves typography IF the fonts are on the machine or embedded in the document. That includes kerning.

EPUB and Kindle are based on XHTML and pay no attention to any typography or kerning set by the creator. The *user* chooses the typeface and line-spacing while the text width is either the width of the screen or the width of the window if run on PC,Mac &al. Any kerning is strictly a function of the E-reader and the particular typeface ("font") chosen by the user.

The EPUB3 spec alleviates this somewhat as it allows font embedding.

Bill Meahan
Westland, Michigan USA

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