I want to check if current paragraph is being indented.


De : Hans Hagen
Envoyé le :mardi 26 mai 2020 13:47
À : Joseph; mailing list for ConTeXt users
Objet :Re: RE : Re: [NTG-context] Issue with latest LMTX version 2020-05-25


On 5/26/2020 12:43 PM, Joseph wrote:

> Thanks Hans, prefixing with \the seems to fix the problem. I’ll have a

> look to other suggestions you made.


> I also see that \ifindentation is also gone now. What’d be a replacement

> for it please?

it was never reliable i think, maybe just check for parindent ... we

should have a proper mode for it (or maybe a conditional in context speak)


the question is: what do you want to check? if there is an indentation?

if it already happened? if it will happen? the old test let that in the






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