You even can use LaTeX Plug-in of Gedit but it only recognises LaTeX commands so if you write in ConTeXt or plain TeX, it will think that you have got a master document.

But without the plug-in, you can do anything.

I agree with you. Gedit is the best editor. I wished that TeXworks also would include some of Gedit's features.

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Subject: [NTG-context] Gedit in Ubuntu as a ConteXt editor

HI ConTeXt friends!

I've been using Gedit on my ubuntu system for quite some time and is
very much happy with it.

Here are some advantages:

* UTF-8 encoding by default (which is in mind for LuaTeX).

* highly configurable code snippets. reading xml-files.

* Defining your own typesetting commands and associate it with some


* Syntax highlighting for LaTeX but works for context-specific also

* I'm not sure if it is portable to windows

* Some learning curve to learn how to create special ConTeXt plugin like

I've recently tested texworks but it seems missing the snippets

Is it someone out there who has experience in Gedit?

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