On Mon, Jun 18, 2018 at 5:20 PM Tomas Hala <tomas.hala@mendelu.cz> wrote:
Hi all,

at http://wiki.contextgarden.net/PDF/A I found the following:

In ConTeXt mkiv, in order to create such a compliant PDF/A file, one can do as follows: first install (or check that they are present) the following color profiles files


into tex/texmf-context/colors/icc/profiles of your Context standalone directory. The default_*.icc files are part of ghostscript...

So I checked that they are present (CentOS 6.6, GPL Ghostscript 8.70) and
I discovered that these files are not present at any ConTeXt (or TeX) installation from TeXlive
neither as separate files, nor at file context/colors/icc/context/colorprofiles.xml.

Only default_gray.icc is present as a part of ConTeXt installations from our garden.

Therefore, I would like to ask
(a) where I can find the set of original default*.icc files,
(b) what is the reason why these files are not included in the TeXlive and garden installations,
(c) if it is possible to add it there for future, and
(d) if the produced PDF (with \setupbackend[format={pdf/a-1b:2005}...]) is PDF/a compliant when these
icc files are not present and the whole content of the document is only in black (i.e. no grayscale, no colours).

Hm, they should be underĀ 
in the standalone (beta) from the garden (I have just installed it, and I see them).
They are not included in texlive forĀ some copyright issues.

Anyway, see