Dear All,

I'm currently using ConTeXt on a windows machine. I'd like to incorporate some sort of automated spell-checking in my workflow. I've seen that there are two options:
  1. spell check the .tex source file
  2. spell check the resulting pdf
For the first option many resources online seem to suggest using aspell. aspell is however not maintained for windows and therefore hopelessly out of date. Furthermore many resources online seem to suggest skipping TeX and LaTeX control sequences does not always succeed. So I can only imagine how poorly it deals with ConTeXt control sequences.

The second option as shown on this StackExchange post suggests using \loadspellchecklist. However, on of the arguments to this command includes a text file listing - and brace yourself - all of the correctly spelled words. I find this both an amusing and tragic proposition, since I basically need to spellcheck based on every word in a given language.

What options are out there for someone who would like to do serious spellchecking using ConTeXt on Windows platform, using Powershell as my command line?