Thanks Hans

with context-version 2015.05.13 23:52 it finally works on my side! Thanks for the fix!


2015-04-25 23:18 GMT+02:00 Hans Hagen <>:
On 4/24/2015 3:05 PM, Christian Prim wrote:
Hi Hans

I don't know if the latest beta already has the new code. But I can
confirm, that there is still a difference between tikz-colors and
context/metafun colors.

TikZ translates c=1,m=1 in (native) RGB, that is b=1, which is in some
way correct.
ConTeXt translates c=1,m=1 in something I couldn't really define
(perhaps sRGB or some other color profile) r=0.183... g=0.191...
b=0.574... or in Web-Hex: #2e3092

or back to cmyk: c=.68, m=.67,k=.43 (which is blue with some key-value
compared to TikZ with k=0)

So I think that TikZ and ConTeXt don't use the same color profile....

Hope it could help somewhat to solve my problem.

your example works ok here (with the tikz def file i made last week)

i also made


working (nothing needed in tikz as the code that interfaces to it does that) which will be in the next beta


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