Any news on this? Is this a luatex problem or a ConTeXt problem? I am glad to help if you can point me to the location in the source code where things go astray.


On Mon, 14 Sep 2015 14:40:43 +0200, <christoph.reller@gmail.com> wrote:

In the following MWE, the interactive link work only when setting focus=fit.

The resulting PDF differs as follows:

- focus=fit: This PDF has no named destinations. The link annotations on
page 3 include destinations directly, and these destinations are correct.

- focus=<something else>: This PDF has named destinations in Root->Names
with names (#2) and (#3) and these named destinations are completely
correct. The problem is that the link annotations on page 3 reference named
destinations by the names (tuf) and (knu).

\setupinteraction[state=start,focus=standard] %focus=fit
\startsection[title=Hi There]
  \input tufte
  \input knuth
  \about[tuf] and \about[knu].

This seems to be a bug. If so, then please confirm and tell if you intend
to fix this.

Interestingly, with focus=standard, automatically generated links (e.g.
with sections and \about) work as expected.