. /Applications/ConTeXtMinimals/tex/setuptex 

Ah, ok, it's a single line.

If the command works, type


$ which texmfstart
$ which texexec
$ which context

Perfect, all seems to work

Thanks David, Aditya.

So back to the other questions

- This means I can use something like this if I call the xtx switch?:

\definetypeface[Optima][tt][Xmono][LM Typewriter Regular]

- How does font selection work under luatex?

- What have I to do to use bibtex?

Many thanks 


Andrea Valle
Universitą degli Studi di Torino

Think of it as seasoning
. noise [salt] is boring
. F(blah) [food without salt] can be boring
. F(noise, blah) can be really tasty
(Ken Perlin on noise)