I am using linux Fedora Core 3. It came with a *very* old tex installation with
context version 2003. If I understand your advice, I should use texlive2003
and the latest context from last week upload in pragma?
thank you 

Patrick Gundlach <patrick@gundla.ch> wrote:

> Today I was about to install TeX Live 2003, to then install Context
> lastest release. But I found that Tex Live 2004 was released the
> 27th (3 days ago). I notice the texmf directory structure has been
> changed in 2004. What do you guys recommend? 2003+context? Or is the
> latest context installation compatible with the new TeXLive2004
> texmf directory? Please advise.

I'd say: new ConTeXt = new TeX distribution, old ConTeXt = old TeX

What operating system are you using?

See also in the wiki: http://contextgarden.net/Update_Hints

ConTeXt wiki: http://contextgarden.net
ntg-context mailing list

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