Dear list,

we are finalizing the list of participants for the ConTeXt Meeting 2018. There are few places left, if you are interested. We cannot guarantee full service for registrations after August 15, 2018.

You might still have doubts like one of the attendees:

"I was wondering if you could help me determine whether the ConTeXt meeting would be of use for me.  While I have been aware of ConTeXt for some time, I am still a relative novice.  I have used it to do some basic formatting for letters, contracts and envelopes but I am yet to understand LuaTeX, MetaPost and other add-ons.  I would like to learn more but I am concerned I will not understand much of the programme.  Who is the target audience for the meeting?  What is its main purpose?"

Here is the answer:

"The meeting is meant for everyone. Whatever experience you have, it is always a great source of inspiration. Of course, you will not become a master in the field in five days, but you will see how others are using ConTeXt, what are their workflows and tools and can learn a lot. If you show the audience, how you are using ConTeXt in 15-30 minutes (not compulsory), you will get a feedback how to do things better. Meetings are very informal, so no worries you wouldn't fit in. And you can always discuss your use cases with Hans, Taco, Luigi, Alan and others. At least they can show you how to start with different topics, which helps novices a lot."

Rooms are ready, food & beer is ready. Even small pool is ready. 
We are starting soon!

See you there,

On Fri, 15 Jun 2018 at 23:54, Alan Braslau <> wrote:
Gentle ConTeXt user,

* Do you still struggle with lua?
  (I do, because it is magic and mysterious)

* Are you baffled by MetaPost?
  (because MetaPost is beautiful and particular)

* Are you itching to get Hans to fix this or fix that?
  (or are you willing to learn what you are doing wrong)

* Do you want to meet in person some of those who write and answer
  emails on this mailing list?

* Do you want to blow us away with some fabulous new idea, or impress
  us with some really beautiful typeset text?

* Do you want to attend fun lectures and presentations from morning
  'till night?

* Do you want to perhaps code until who knows when?

* Or perhaps you wish to partake in some good Czech beer and some
  excellent Czech wine (with moderation)?

* Or simply, do you not want to miss out on a really great time??

Then we wish to bring your attention the the 12th International ConTeXt
Meeting to be held in Prague-Sibrina in the Czech Republic from Sunday
September 2nd through Saturday September 8th, 2018.
*A fun time will be had by all!*


"... and may your night be restful"
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