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On 12/24/21 1:20 PM, Denis Maier via ntg-context wrote:

>> I see.
>> Next try: add a new option
>> "#+Context_Section_Levels:
>> Thus will take an alist. Now you'll know about the user defined
>> structure levels and the toc option can be translated to the
>> corresponding setting. (Here again, you can if course define
>> reasonable defaults.)

Actually,  you don't need an alist. A simple quotes list should be enough:

#+Context_Section_Levels: '(chapter section subsection)

That isn't going to work. The interface needs to be the same as for the
other exporters for TOC control. I need to support "toc:2".
I probably wasn't clear. You will support toc:2.
#+Context_Section_Levels: '(chapter section subsection)
will translate into a definesectionlevels command and inform your exporter about the used sectionlevels. Once the used commands are known it should be possible to map toc:2 to a combinedlist definition.
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