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A happy new year to everyone!

I’m playing with some examples of section numbering.

* Is there a setup to influence the order of number segments? I.e. can I
have “section.chapter.part“ instead of “part.chapter.section”?

* How can I format the segments, e.g. to get two or three digits each
(leading zeros)?

* I can force a section number with “ownnumber”, but the next one is
back in the previous scheme. Itemize has “start”. How can I start
section chapter numbering at 3 (or -1 or whatever; I know I can start at
0 with “zero”) and let ConTeXt continue from there?

My example tries to (ab)use the section numbering for a date (e.g. for a

\definestructureseparatorset [default][-,-,-,-]


\define[2]\TitleCmd{#1} % number only


     New Month.

     Another day.




A new year begins.



Next year.





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