Suppose your file is called thesis.tex (Ok, I had to test things to ensure 
what I was saying was true, and that is the only test file that I have 
currently :). Now run
  $context thesis
This will create a lot of warnings about missing references, ignore them. 
Then run
  $bibtex thesis
This will create tesis.bbl. Now run context, and all those warnings will 
be gone. You only need to run bibtex once (unless you change your bib 

So, it's like latex? Have I to specify that I'm using the bib module?
I mean, this:




This situation is temporary. When Hans implements intermediate run's in 
mtxrun, you will not need to run bibtex by hand.

Andrea Valle
Universitą degli Studi di Torino

Think of it as seasoning
. noise [salt] is boring
. F(blah) [food without salt] can be boring
. F(noise, blah) can be really tasty
(Ken Perlin on noise)