I've tried to implement a journal-like footnote with the authors' affiliation for each section/chapter, by adapting things from the wiki here and here. However, one thing that bugs me is that any note name I choose other than "thanks" does not work, and I have no clue why. Am I missing something, or is there a more elegant way to implement this?

As an aside, I'd rather have the footnotes below the "thanks" notes. Is there any option that does this?

{\start \it  \structurelistuservariable{author}\stop\space-- \crlf}%
 #1% title
\startsetups section
 \midaligned{\it \structureuservariable{author}}
\definenote[thanks]%[numberconversion=set 2]
\setupnotation[thanks][numberconversion=set 2] % or set 1
%\setupnote[footnote][location=bottom] % does not work
%% all notes, footnotes etc.
 hang=fit, % if commented, hanging is larger
 indenting={yes,small},indentnext=yes, % please, indent everything, should be default
\subject{Grande lista de autores}
\startsection[title={Whatever}][author={A. Uthor},subtitle={I’d like to say}]
This is a section.
\startsection[title={Segunda seção}][author={Fulano de Tal},subtitle={Uma segunda seção de teste}]
This is a section.
\startsection[title={Terceira seção}][author={Alberto de Paiva\thanks{asdf}},subtitle={Uma terceira seção de teste}]
This is a section.
\startsection[title={Três autores}][author={Sicrano de Tal\thanks{Universidade de Tangerinas} e Alberto Steinenberg\thanks{Universidade de Nilfgaard}},
subtitle={Uma seção de teste com dois autores e comentário}]
This is a section.\footnote{Só de teste.}