On 22/02/06, Taco Hoekwater <taco@elvenkind.com> wrote:

Mojca Miklavec wrote:
> Jan, perhaps you weren't clear enough. I hope you don't mind if I
> explain your question once more.
> Jan is setting up some server for student-to-student materials and
> integrated (most probably slightly fixed version of) WikiPDF into it
> (http://aluno.no-ip.info/juca/index.php/WikiPDF). This makes a LaTeX
> document out of wiki syntax and processes it to generate PDFs.
> He was impressed by ConTeXt and wanted to:
> 1.) integrate something similar to <context> command on contextgarden
> while keeping <math> functionality (can be done in ConTeXt too, most
> probably no need to keep LaTeX)
> 2.) perhaps change the mentioned WikiPDF to generate ConTeXt documents
> -> PDF (perhaps that could be done via XML as well?)

Interesting notion (the link helped a lot)

I would definately welcome a way to make ConTeXt documents from
wiki pages! :-)

Cheers, Taco

I'm working with main developer but at the moment is development on hold, because he have other things to do first. 

Firstly i would like to integrate Context in my wiki, like you have on www.contextgarden.net. I belive that Patrick is the man a need to ask. Than i would like to make back compatibility with <math>

Have a good day, Jan