Hans Aberg
7. Juli 2015 20:53
On 7 Jul 2015, at 20:17, Wolfgang Schuster <schuster.wolfgang@gmail.com> wrote:

You can set the alignment for each column in a matrix with the align key.



        \NC ω^0 \NC ↦ 0 \NR
        \NC ω^j \NC ↦ 0 \NR
        \NC ω^k \NC ↦ \NC  ω^l \NR
        \NC ω^l \NC ↦ \NC -ω^k \NR


That looks like the right thing. Thanks.

Your example is quite close to TeX, cf. example below.

I have also put in an extra alignment to see what happens, monospace code alignment style. Changing ‘left’ to ‘right did not seem to have any effect here.

Can you see the effect of the alignment?


    \NC a   \NC b   \NC c   \NR
    \NC aa  \NC bb  \NC cc  \NR
    \NC aaa \NC bbb \NC ccc \NR