(Sorry for the delay, I wanted to be sure that building phase was over)

LuaTeX 1.17.0 2023-04-29
- A breaking backward compatibility change: by default the socket
  library is not enabled .
  The new option --socket enable the socket library as
  before, as also --shell-escape (without --shell-restricted);
  --nosocket, --no-socket , --safer disabled the library, and
  they have the priority in case of conflicting options.
  The mime library is always available; socket.sleep
  and socket.gettime are duplicated as os.socketsleep
  and os.socketgettime, both always available.
  The new os.kpsepopen replace io.popopen in kpse mode
  (i.e. when kpse_init is not zero) as it was before
  but the permission now cannot be changed anymore with
  kpse.check_permission .
  The function os.kpsepopen follows the same restrictions
  as io.popen .
  Thanks to Max Chernoff for debugging.