[VTeX] installing the yfonts package and the related fonts

Walter Schmidt w.a.schmidt at gmx.net
Mon Feb 21 15:18:29 CET 2005


this is a comprehensive description of how to install the
Old German fonts designed by Y. Haralambous and the related
LaTeX package yfonts.sty with VTeX/Free.

Simultaneously, this is a nice example of how to install 
packages and fonts from CTAN 100% manually, so you may want 
to read it or try it out, even if you don't actually intend 
to make use of the "Old German" typefaces.

Create the following directories in your VTeX system:

texmf/fonts/tfm/public/gothic   (for the font metrics)
texmf/fonts/type1/public/gothic (for the actual Type1 fonts)
texmf/source/latex/yfonts       (for the sources of the yfonts package)
texmf/tex/latex/yfonts          (for the package file)
texmf/doc/latex/yfonts          (for the documentation)

Obtain the following font metric files from CTAN:

and copy the to the directory 

of your VTeX system.  (The *.mf Metafont fonts, which reside
in the same CTAN directory, are useless for VTeX.)

The Type1 fonts were not provided by the original author, so
they are distributed from a different CTAN directory:

Copy all .pfb files provided there to the directory 


of your VTeX system.

Obtain all files from the CTAN directory

and copy them to the directory 

of your VTeX system.  This is the dtx source of the package,
accompanied by the related installation script, an example
file, and some documentation.

In the directory texmf/source/latex/yfonts run LaTeX on the
installation script yfonts.ins:

  vlatex yfonts.ins

Doing so will create the actual package file yfonts.sty.
Move it to the directory 

of your VTeX system.  (If you have configured the docstrip
tool appropriately, the file is automagically created in
this directory.  This is, however, not the default behavior
of the VTeX/Free dietsribution.  If you don't know what
"docstrip" is, ignore this information ;-)

In the same directory, run vlatex on the dtx file

  vlatex yfonts.dtx
Doing so will ceate the package documentation yfonts.pdf; 
move this file, as well as the "readme" file, to the 
appropriate location, i.e. the directory


On CTAN, the author of the Type1 fonts provides a font
mapping (.map) file for use with dvips and pdfteX, but there
is no such file in the format required by VTeX.

A suitable file "yfonts.ali" is attached to this message.
Move it to the existing directory 

of your VTeX system.

Configure VTeX so that it will use this additional font
mapping file yfonts.ali.  This is usually accomplished by
putting an appropriate record into each of the configuration


Edit these files; in each file add the name "yfonts.ali"
to the TYPE1 section:

  TYPE1 {
    yfonts .ali


Read the package documentation to learn how to use the fonts
with LaTeX.  (The file texmf/doc/latex/yfonts/yfonts.pdf,
which you have just typeset.)  Unfortunately, not all, that
is described there, will work with VTeX:

There is no free Type1 version of the initials font, so the
commands \initfamily, \textinit and \yinipar cannot be used.
If you want to typeset the sample frktest.tex (in the source
directory), substitute the \yinipar commands with the
appropriate normal letters.  Also, the alternative Fraktur 
font ysmfrak mentioned in the documentaion is unavailable.

FYI:  MicroPress has a set of the Old German fonts in Type1 
format, which comprises also the (beautiful) initials and the
font ysmfrak.  However, this font set is not distributed for 

happy TeXing
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