[VTeX] A minor correction to readme-linux.eng

Olli J. Marttila olli.marttila at kolumbus.fi
Fri Feb 11 23:37:57 CET 2005

While following the instructions of the VTeX/Free 8.44.2 
version of readme-linux.eng in upgrading my vtex 
installation I had to stop and wonder: Second among required 
files was vtex2-8442.zip, that I did not find anywhere among 
the common or linux zipped files. Then, recollecting which 
installation files the OS/2 version of vtex had years ago, I 
checked the OS/2 directory, and lo and behold: there it was. 
I took a ruler and overstroke this item from the required 
files, and recommend the same especially for potential new 
users of this superb TeX distribution.

Olli the Grey-bearded

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