[VTeX] \pagecolor crashes VTeX (Harbinson's bug)

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Wed Feb 2 19:44:44 CET 2005

At 10:14 PM 1/31/2005, caapv 208 wrote:
>"MicroPress, Inc" <support at micropress-inc.com> wrote:
> > Borland's C compiler for OS/2 used to compile the
> > OS/2 binaries.
> > Has *many* bugs; some of them I know how to avoid,
> > some -- as we just saw
> > -- I don't...
> > (and probably nobody else does either).
> > It just likes to generate random code on large
> > source files sometimes.....
> > My "No new versions" is connected to the limitation
> > of this thing on large
> > projects.
>Is it a too much work to port it to a compiler
>which is still under development, such as
>OpenWatcom 1.2, Innotek gcc 3.3.5, or emx+gcc 3.2.1?

Unf., yes.  Under ideal conditions this is 2-3 days of work
(including going through all the #ifdef OS2 statements just to see which 
have to do with OS2
and which with BC problems...).

But what makes this truly impossible is that I have never succeeded
in installing OS/2 on hardware that is less than ten years old.

>What might be the problem to compile the LINUX
>version source with emx+gcc?
>The problem with the Borland compiler is that
>it assumes all DLL entry points are 16 bit
>so that you cannot write a plugins with a 32 bit
>compiler such as gcc.

Yeap.  Which effectively means that no one would write plugins
on OS/2---unless such a person gets BC --- but given that no one
(except for us) wrote them on Linux (where there is no such problem) either,
I don't know just how much of a limitation this is.

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